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for the 21st century artist to make much of time

gather ye rosebuds while ye may
and drop the fucking gimmicks

lose the pseudonym
or your limp dicked half clever
nom de plume

enough with the smoke and mirrors
parlor tricks will never hide the fact
that you have no talent

brush up on your fundamentals
or shove your brush
where the sun doesn’t shine

ellipses like herpes……………………………..

there is no excuse
for being redundant
or unoriginal

networking with your peers
requires more than a point and click
and a likey like on a digital page

cemeteries are full of middling swordsmen

but you aren’t listening

you’re too busy tagging me
with your floundering dysfunction

and are merely waiting to talk

you’ll get my respect
you’ll get my promotion

when you’ve earned it

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