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love is hunter s. thompson wearing a “polite as fuck” t-shirt

Fucking labels
taped over my mouth.
Three years ago they called me sentimental,
then punk thereafter,
now i’m accused of being transgressive…

You know what i am?
A poet in love
whilst simultaneously horrified
with the times in which I live.
What are we?
Stunned. That’s what the hell we are.
The world as we know it, post 9/11.

The evening news is pornography.
Journalism is an old whore
leaning against a statue
of Edward R. Murrow.

How could any thinking, feeling human
with a modicum of awareness
not feel a bit disgusted or depressed?
We must be the agents of our own happiness,
twas always thus.
The older I get, the less tolerance I have for horse shit.
I’m simply documenting the beauty observed along the ride,
and that I mostly want to kick
human civilization’s lingering ass.

14 replies on “love is hunter s. thompson wearing a “polite as fuck” t-shirt”

You took the words…ok, well, if I’d had these words, you’d have taken them right out of my mouth.
And slapped some deserving wastrel upside the head with them.
That kinda hurt but felt good all at the same time.

I was going to go on and on about how good you are, but I don’t want to give you an ego. Actually, I just don’t want to give you an ego as big as mine. It’s a heavy thing.

My ego is in the ox cart trailing behind me, hence my taught, muscular thighs. Thanks for caring for the sake of my soul, Trent.
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Dude, the point is that you have an immense soul and you have crazy angry brilliant (I’d underscore the brilliant if I knew how to do such things) writing.

I’m concerned for everyone’s soul. In some odd non-secular way, anyhow.

Hey–great to be seen–I was taking a little WP Poetry Walkabout, and saw these strange hydro-electric pylon thingies and realized immediately that this was The place to be. In good company.

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