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not for nothing, baby

lunch time seated
in an industrial chain
coffee and carbohydrate factory
filled with hipsters and wage slaves
eating alternative proteins
vegan dishes filled with hummus
and grilled sea monkeys

being forced to listen
to a tacky woman with intrusive perfume
and a saccharin drawl
loudly discuss with her boss
their tempestuous not-so secret affair
as i attempt to read an old book of poetry

flipping through the pages to the end
caving in to the din
eyes finding my own handwriting
something long ago scribbled in pen

it reads

“Louis Armstrong, La Vie En Rose”

encased within a doomed black ink shaped heart

“Remember this moment when all is lost…remember how much he loved you
…remember how much you loved him. Now, gather yourself, and begin again.”

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Grilled sea monkeys… yikes. But La Vie en Rose… commercial-centric message coming up here, but man I loved how that beautiful song was used in the Pixar flick Wall-E. Just magical.

Saccharin drawl… I just want to steal all these lines.

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