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the sure morning routine of my stepfather

5:30 in the morning
beside myself
belly twisting
nothing seeming right

i revert to my childhood

the sure morning routine
of my stepfather

turn on the radio atop the refrigerator
700 WLW no other station will do

make a pot of coffee

whisk the batter in a yellow plastic bowl
and fry pancakes

as aunt jemima stands by the stove
with a syrupy look in her eyes

and i think he does not know

how many times

this ritual saved my life

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5:30, that’s early, but I’ll take it. I have to wonder how such a thing saved your life, but I’d rather just imagine. Thanks for the pancakes… I was dying for breakfast.

His daily stoicism, his absolute and unwavering sanity…it was one of the few concrete and stable things about my childhood.
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