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daughters of the american revolution be warned

my sons
are the only true love
i’ve ever felt
in my adult life
i don’t know what men are for
but violence
dying of tobacco field wars
raping the women and land for money
ernest hemingway shooting sharks in the ocean
with a gun
his bloody plume only attracting more
and walking out elaborately carved
revolving doors

4 replies on “daughters of the american revolution be warned”

It’s so true… I think a matriarchal society would be just fine with me, but there’s a moonweight’s worth of testosterone out there that would have a problem with that. Female politicians? Bring em. Female corporate leaders? Yes please. The alternative has been failing since, I don’t know, the beginning of time.

As me and my friends used to say in school, usually gassed to the extreme, sometimes you just have to burn the temple down.

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