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writing a book down home in kentucky

there is an apology long owed
to someone who is reading this

i am sorry for so vigorously
finding ways to hate you
so my hands could more easily
push you out the door

despite the litany of your transgressions
i’ve stitched in the finest needle point
your only sin is naivete

you saved my life
on more than one
buffalo traced bourbon night

in my grandmother’s bathtub
keeping the shower on my face
sitting me up to keep me alive
as i screamed at god and all things evil

thank you

you are the only reason
i survived a year
writing a book down home in kentucky

and it shouldn’t have taken so long
it just goes against my grain
to say i’m sorry to blue eyes

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Ain’t nothing wrong with a wild and fierce tiger of a woman whose heart is big enough to pound so hard and loud.

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