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because snake oil doesn’t offer a retirement plan

con-artists hustle
jive and shuck
til the day they die
because snake oil
doesn’t offer a retirement plan

i once had an old lady charlatan in middletown
who was trying to invade my wallet
by attempting to convince me
that she
was psychic
she could deliver messages from my father
if i wanted
that she could speak to the dead

she went by the name carmen
but her real name was brenda brewer
which made her less than mystic

the authentic require no gimmicks

she said the afterlife was like the movie ghost
they’re walking around us and aware
we just can’t see them

my response was this:

if you’re truly psychic
you already know i’m not giving you money
and as to the ghosts of the dearly departed
walking amongst us aware

what was to be learned or gleaned from that
other than how often the living close their doors
to masturbate

find some unquestioning sucker
to sell your sloppy wares

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