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why we’re free on sunday mornings

“For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground. And tell sad stories of the death of kings…” -William Shakespeare, from Richard II

i cast no aspersions
refrained from stating my case
wanting my children
to decide for themselves
what god is

form their own beliefs

i provided exposure and information
about theology
promoted an atmosphere of understanding
exploration and learning

built a tree house from string theory

there came a time when
my sons asked about our religious origins
why we left it behind
why we’re free on sunday mornings

i explained
after landing on the colonies
our people had settled into being baptists
crossing the mountains of eastern kentucky

some had intermingled with slaves and indians

we don’t claim the ones who handled snakes

kentucky’s cash crop is shame

centuries have crawled by
much of the flock has become backslid
turned away from jesus

a crisis of dispersion
post crucifixion

the disciples are at the tavern
passing a jug of wine

every drunk knows
a good story requires a dead king

“What do you believe, Mom?”

“I can’t imagine building my life around punishment and fear. We are able to discern right from wrong all on our own. We began as an exploding star…and that is how this will all end.”

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