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empathy is the new black

in their golden age
MGM and the other major film studios
would throw grand conventions
gala parties for its male executives
with a standard of decadence and debauchery
as to make caligula envious

a cattle call for female extras
would be sent out
the girls would show directly from costuming
to be herded
by the bus load into the hollywood hills
to what they thought was a set for filming

only to find out
they were expected to play hooker
and cum soaked
by louis b. mayer and his army of greasy trolls

so when i see the entertainment industry
feigning concern
holding #bring back our girls

proclaiming empathy is the new black

i see it as the latest
box office blockbuster hypocrisy

give me a break
who the fuck do you think you’re kidding

you bastards were the boka harem
before a terrorist ever kidnapped
a nigerian woman

One reply on “empathy is the new black”

Shit. I didn’t know that. But we are all hypocrites I guess, some more than others, and for all that, we’re made of the same stars. The ones that blew to pieces a long long time ago, when there was no Nigeria and no movies and no girls either.

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