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finger fuck

finger fuck

when i went to los angeles
for my first book release party

my so-called literary agent
tried to stick his hand up my skirt to finger fuck me
and his tongue down my throat
simultaneously in a booth
at jerry’s deli

right across the street from cedars sinai hospital
where his wife was in labor with their son

our waitress pretended that wasn’t the reason
she dropped an egg salad platter as i fought him off me

i had never met him in person before
and naively thought he was lude on the phone with me
because he was living up to some
slick LA expectation

after refusing to see him alone after that initial trip
he waged a war against me
slamming my book on amazon and good reads
creating false facebook profiles
with which he could terrorize and slander me

then three months later i found out
he was being sent to federal prison for three years
for sexual deviance and a parole violation

his mentor and a godfather of outlaw poetry
asked me to keep quiet about what he did to me
so he wouldn’t lose on a 50,000 bail bond he had posted for the reprobate

when he gets out of prison in october of 2015
i expect he’ll once again begin to terrorize me

but i’ll live through it

i’ve survived better monsters than he

good thing it turned out to be a helluva book

i’m writing this to shield myself
from his forthcoming flying debris

he is not allowed to continue to hurt me

that was my first experience with
the literary scene

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