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piss shiver

perverse as you are
and full of gastronomic fascination
you could never accept
that i enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning
whilst reading in the bathroom

such bad form
so disgusting you would say

now here i sit smiling ironically
sipping french roast
upon my white throne’s full glory
ignoring victorian pornography

lustfully remembering the day
i stood behind you above the waterfall
in grace lord park
my arms wrapped around your chest
chin resting on your shoulder
leaning into the fence

hind sight mulling
you would have looked so lovely
wearing a chloroform soaked rag

before i saw
the video of you online
a chubby white man awkwardly wearing
gold platform stripper heels
squatting over the biggest suction cup dildo
i’ve ever seen
jauntily fucking yourself in the ass
taking it into your black whole like a champ
and all i could think
is now i know
exactly what i want on my christmas cards

i didn’t know to kill you then
so i must do it with my pen

ah the thought warms me
into a glorious piss shiver

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Can’t think of a better place to be sitting reading. I think with your output of late that you may effectively blow my mind, which is great and all, but I’ve been told my mind is useful to people so please be gentle.

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