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memorial day

so much posturing
over the true meaning of memorial day

i propose it should be a national day of apology

if we love our troops so much
perhaps we should stop shipping them off to die
to further the agendas of oil tycoons
and the dirty politicians
kept faithfully in their pockets

an american soldier hasn’t died fighting for
“our freedom”
since the mad man with the mustache
threatened to conquer all of mankind
during world war II

it’s easy to raise a volunteer army
when uncle sam is the only one hiring

choosing to fight a war over starvation
is an act of bravery long before the first grenade is thrown

and then there are the draftees
the ones who didn’t have a choice
a ticket to canada
or a rich and powerful daddy to pull strings

as i write this

dick cheney is at a $1000-per-plate barbecue

a soldier in afghanistan just had his legs blown off

and george w. bush is going to paint a picture
of himself in front of a mission accomplished banner

right after he finishes working on his suntan

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