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if you try sometime

my first act of the day
was pulling a william wallace on an elusive fly
who terrorized our household for days

the victory in battle gave way to
cup of coffee
avoiding my email
bowl of blackberry ice cream
and a
deliciously forbidden shot of jameson

weatherman staring
from the kitchen counter screen
with june gloom in his eyes

two tornadoes before noon
nope don’t give a damn
and begin to lace up my running shoes

ear buds telling me
you can’t always get what you want
but if you try sometime you just might find
you get what you need

i start to giggle on the stairwell
giving way to a rumble
gaining momentum into climbing
cacophonous laughter

lately i’ve been plagued
with thoughts that rhyme

“we must learn to make fun of life’s little messes
even when they involve ex-boyfriends
who’ve taken to wearing dresses”

then me out the door
full pop
into the wonder of the waiting world

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