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see rock city

kentucky exists as
a painful dichotomy
for the native

it is lush green
awe inspiring in its beauty

bourbon distilled
crystal blue lakes
giving way to ancient streams

bluegrass growing atop
a bloody history
rich in the red clay

rolling cattle and horse farms
all the homegrown vegetables you can eat

but nestled into the picturesque hills
resides a poverty
like nowhere else in the nation

i come from a place so poor
the quality of life so brutally entrenched
few escape
the jobless rate
tobacco tumors
shorter life expectancy
and a disability check

dirty politicians
dirty preachers

absolute segregation
in lincoln county
all the black folks live on water street
because that’s where they’re welcome

you see
it’s still 1955 where i’m from
but a little more backwards
because now there’s crystal meth
to pair with
celebrated ignorance
taught as religion

people convinced they’ll burn in hell
if they don’t donate to jesus and republicans

i go back from time to time
to see my mother

being down home isn’t quite death
but you can feel it crawling up your sleeve

when my time comes
give me dignity
burn my body
cast my ashes back to the sea

i don’t want my bones
trapped there
to endure eternity

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