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detour through troy

“Time enough to make clear the fault-ridden
Is loved by a goddess, that Helen’s a gift
Only a goddess could have provided.
And who is he to deny a goddess
Even if her gifts only last a day.”

-Carl Dennis
there was a hellish car accident
in the northbound lanes
of the cocaine super highway
this blistering hot day

it blocked me from traversing
panoramic downhill gateway
leading from the bluegrass state
into cincinnati

i took the circle freeway
to avoid the back up
but it lead me to take a detour
my old stomping
to the eastern gate

i kept uttering aloud to my steering wheel
why the hell am i here?

passed my old high school
whose mascot was lamentably
the trojans

(i smile thinking of the bastard i later dated
who said
i was his helen of troy)

the house where i grew up its
new owners have nearly
paved the entire front year

green helicopter mounted oddly
in withamsville park
to honor vietnam veterans
where the vehement pro-life people stake up
morbid little anti-abortion crosses

the area
has taken on too many seedy storefronts
and check cashing places
though there has been big box progress
it looks like a small town dying
of retail jobs

the state bird of ohio
has become the strip mall

the statue of thomas more remained the same
but saints are unwavering that way

i was oddly relieved
to feel
like i no longer belong there

yet devastated
to lose a city
in a day

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