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the underside of an orchid

the southern girl in me
always wanted a lover
with a big truck
to chauffeur
my city ass around in

for our excursion to the country
that rainy summer day
i had chosen
a dress
cut from the fabric of 1951
covered in teal and violet flowers
…one that always makes me feel beautiful
when i wear it

baubles adorning
my neck
ear lobes

ballet flats on my feet

legs crossed into
the middle of the intersection

red light glaring
through heat lightning
his foot on the brake

he turned to look at me
with two divorces in his eyes
as though i was redemption
sent from a forgiving heaven

his fingers found my exposed thigh
as he confessed,

“your skin is softer
than the underside of an orchid…

and the fact that
little blown glass
blue n’ purple ring on your hand
matches your dress
is almost
too much
to take…”

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