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three thousand years

a conspiracy theorist
once told me
the only reason
we look after israel
and it’s every interest
so fiercely
is that if the united states
is not aligned with israel
the religious right believes
the biblical end times prophecies
cannot come true

perhaps not

the state of the world is absurd
and deserving of an inevitable ice age

our monstrous nature
will become
hard as dinosaurs

long after the water is gone
and middle class mothers
have only soot and fire for perfume

motives are everything
aren’t they?

i know this

we send a stone faced ketchup tycoon
to “diligently work for peace”
as we approve a bill to
send more bombs and bullets to israel

while detroit and toledo are
somewhere dying tonight

there has never been a child
born unto this earth
who deserved the
back of his head blown off
regardless of his father’s politics

the problem is

no one looks into the eyes
of the dead anymore

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