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the autism primer: year 18

this year will be a power struggle
with your child
as you attempt to balance
their need for independence
with their complete disconnect
from reality
and total lack of understanding with regards
to acceptable behaviors
and consequences

you will spend much of this year
being screamed at
wishing you were dead
and envying empty nesters

explaining things like
showers must be taken daily
you can’t wipe your shit on bath towels
or wipe cum on the floor

all whilst trying to instill
that being a person on the autism spectrum
doesn’t give one a free pass
to be an abusive asshole to others
or one’s environment

let’s not forget the guilt
you’ve carried around
from the day of your child’s diagnosis

was it the vaccinations
something you should have eaten
or didn’t eat while you were pregnant?
did you do this to them?

why were your children condemned?

that reliable old friend will still be there
to keep you warm and reeling at night
a gnawing cancer in your gut
until the day
you end

stay positive
that’s only
30 or 40 years away

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