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glittery tits
pink hello kitty guns
drugs piled as high
as the eye can bleed

as a country
we’re freebasing china

brought to you by the waltons
and those lovable koch brothers

hormonally modified
for hormonally modified children
born to hormonally modified
mothers and fathers

and we wonder why most kids
don’t get beyond 5
without a prescription for a
daily behavioral medication

with as much poison in the water supply
we’re lucky they don’t have
extra thumbs
book lungs
and flippers

they sell a toddler thong at baby gap
because this is hell

mcDonald’s is paying an illegal alien
to deep fat fry your progeny
starched and salted press wood
and call it a french fry

while a militia patrols the border
hunting down the evil brown people

i want to fist you in your fantasy football,

eat it with your mouth hole

when did we forget to question
when did we forget our rights

it must have been sometime after
they convinced us cigarettes were vitamins
as we lined up to buy oldsmobiles
but before apple made us

the drones are you

our forefathers
would have burned the sky
above the capital by now
and started over again

we were sleeping
as they date raped us
of our american dreams

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