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war makes murderers

there are but three

unchangeable forces


in our meager lives


history is indestructible


and the passage of time


that having been said

no wrongful death

may be avenged

with the death of another


if history has taught us

nothing else

it is that


makes murderers

of all humankind


5 replies on “war makes murderers”

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this. We talk of the sins of the father becoming the sins of the children and this is a classic example. We kill to survive but at what cost? Is surviving the ultimate goal? Living is what we thirst for. And to live, we must learn to help others live. We cannot change the history. But we can make the future…if we are brave enough…if we are unselfish enough…if we have enough faith…if we have enough of us, who have enough. I’m not sure that we do. But I am sure that I will believe regardless of the number of others. I must do my part. And that is enough for me. Kind thanks, dear one, for these reminders. War is the absolute, last, irrevocable response. It is the last gasp of air before submerging, not the initial foray. When, in the end, it is all said and done, we all want the same for ourselves and our families…something to eat…something to house and clothe us..and something to make pleasant dreams for us. Everything else is house money. Now, if we can figure out how to allow every sentient being to experience the former, war will be history.

I appreciate you. I appreciate your words and your heart. I lift a toast to you and your heart. I lift a toast to that day when we worry not about history because the present is perfect making, therefore, history, perfection.

Cheers, darlin’

I appreciate your depth, the thoughts you shared, and the insight. I could not agree more. Your readership and friendship is appreciated. It is a grim time to exist with the heart of a poet. Verdant lamentations …

Verdant lamentations, indeed… Would you do me a favor? I posted on your “about” page and included my email address, not thinking about bots and spammers and such. Could you remove that post with my email address? Of course you can keep the address. I wasn’t thinking when I posted…. Many kind thanks and have a lovely day.

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