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The World is Ours

were i given a room

in an art gallery

i would hang giant pull-down

Rand McNally maps along the walls

the sort your fourth grade teacher pulled down

from a metal box

in front of the blackboard

depicting colorful nebulous countries

we were to learn the name and population density of


when you enter my exhibit

the docent would instruct you to pull down

each bob hanging from the strings

to see the works contained


after the maps are in place

a projection  of photographs will begin

over the man-made borders

giving faces to the humanity

contained within


images of people

feeding the hungry

tending to the sick

cleaning oily beaches and garbage choked rivers

opening doors

rescuing unwanted animals and humans




making music

good deeds

kindness of all sorts

ending wars


the name of the exhibit

would simply be

The World is Ours


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