song of the south

I think back on the backwards behaviors I witnessed growing up.

The hateful tendencies modeled for me, with a blessed few exceptions that glisten with rarity.

I cannot blame people who were and remain too ignorant to conduct themselves any differently, but I will never forget. To forget is to fall victim to the past.

Family does not always equate with goodness if its members are bad apples, you see.

I grew to emulate sickness, as children learn what they live, but matured toward enlightment eventually.

It’s okay to trust, to be honest, to love completely.

I have benefited from these heartbreaking moments. Bestowed upon me was a how-not-to guide.

What was broken inside me by the dysfunction of other people, is still mine to fix… and I’m trying, damn it, even succeeding regularly.

So, if I miss a few family reunions from now until the end of time, don’t bother forgiving me.

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