Ida Mae


my brain
has been afforded what
by American standards
is a decent education
by virtue of having been moved away from
antebellum mindsets squatting
within poor hollers of Appalachia
to a northern queen city
with an apple tree of universities,
thriving industry,
distilled culture,
telescopic scientific innovation
broadcasting river boontown featuring
towering architectural aspirations greater
than a rusty
double wide trailer inconveniently
located near a dollar store & a social security office
…all that said
no matter how elegantly polished my metropolitan existence
deep inside my bluegrass heart
there lives
a glorious smooth-talking
hillbilly warrior princess
named Ida Mae
when properly provoked
will unleash her fiery hick
Kentucky vengeance
by driving her
1985 bitchin’ Camaro Super Sport
in a Dukes of Hazard high arch
onto your manicured
yard of fresh green
systemic racial justifications
blaring Springsteen
as her war cry
over your racist flowerbeds
of suburban dread
rocketing through
your menagerie of signs screaming
Jesus Saves if Trump Stays
crashing through your
confederate statue fountain
of Mitch McConnell
sucking off
Jefferson Davis
decapitating your
Joel Osteen lawn jockey
with his tax shelter grin
then hopping out of
her chariot of progressive fire
to slash
your segregated soul’s
whitewashed tires



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