For Nairb Eeryt

the moment you turned & walked into the room

my world went Peckinpah

explosions of laughter

and parking garage lore

you are the unlikeliest surprise

a penultimate friendship

my war horse riding brother

charging beside me off

to our generation’s wars

in armor made from James Joyce t-shirts

imagine my uncorked shock

to meet a lion experimental

unmormon poseidon

over-the-rhine renaissance

gypsy king

this day is your birthday

you sit back all Kerouac

this day is for breaking someone else’s heart

so stick around

i’m gonna read this poem out loud to you from a stage

my next gig in town

& there’s a band I wanna go see with you

every tomorrow night

One reply on “For Nairb Eeryt”

I’m in very strong scotch at the moment, it’s true. But seriously, I have to say dude, in the most platonic way possible, that you rock my world with your words. I’m not cheesing your ego or anything, I just admire anyone who can actually make me feel anything, frayed as my nerves are, and dulled as my sensibilities seem to be. I live in constant fear of that moment when I don’t feel anything anymore. That’ll be the end of me. So thank you for giving me a morning each time I read you. You’ve been on fire lately. Hope you share your particular gift with the world, not just dumb drunk me. I think those last two lines turned this from a joyride into a legend, in my eyes. By the way, if you ever get to Canada and are up on a stage, be sure to let me know. I’ll tell my chums. And I’ll try to stay sober.

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