Distelfink (Haus-Segen)

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs

The first distelfink was carved into the side of a church in Athens, Greece in 1453. A double rosette. The stained glass rose window to be seen in modern churches to this day.

In the later Byzantine Cathedral double headed eagles were common adornments.


This day

I’m making a hex sign for our barn.

To quilt together

what remains of my family

this turn round the sun

clover for luck

rosettes for love and romance

tulips for faith hope and charity

the sun and rain

for abundance and fertility

a horse to protect the livestock

oak leaves for strength of body and character

stars for success and happiness

birds for good fortune


for virtue and piety

and the four seasons

summer, autumn, winter, spring

so that

all who see it

may know blessings

borne of thee.

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