Americana analysis death funerals


it was the moment

my body fell limp

6.5 years old carried

in my big brothers arms

during the final casket receiving line

when i realized

i would never kiss my father again

that was the moment

my sanity didn’t survive

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Old Sketches

Abelard and Heloise Americana analysis astronomy beauty behavior belief coffee dance death

prospective tango partner…

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no demons may cross my cumberland gap

you can’t get from her desert south west to kentucky

the archway of plenary indulgence is not her path

demons choked on fear and comeuppance lose their way

oh ye of little faith

was there ever any doubt

Jesus was from Elyria

that Ostara was from Kentucky

and that Lazarus was from Newark, NJ

but he got stuck in traffic for 10 years

on the high roads of rt. 80

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absent without leave

who can sleep

through the raging silence

of all our canceled parties

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Maslow’s Fire Sale

don’t you worry, working poor

the richest people

will always have access






god’s offering plate

drugs to feel good

meaningless trophies

abortions too

so go on fighting

about the right

to wear a gun

but not a face mask

in your red Trump hat

and Walmart shoes


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a leaf that lingered brown

i blame robert frost
his cold methodology
his need to fill disused graveyards with
death’s dazzling white snow glamour
a slow creep crystalline across
an already shattered windshield

i blame robert frost
as i cannot blame
my father
my friend
or an absent god
for them forgetting
they had promises to keep

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you can’t get there from here

happy Father’s Day, dad

you were

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thank you for maple syrup

Do you think

Canadians feel like

they occupy

the spacious attic

of hell?

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ghost light

the moment he turned

and walked away

our world became peckinpah

i can no longer discern

whose blood

my hands are weeping over