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embracing needles

age has
inoculated me
to human charm
genuine and feigned
thank goodness



you rationalize
all you want
age 40
is the doorway
to the latter half
of your life
thoughts and prayers
and other useless platitudes
to those struggling to catch up
if you haven’t found your way by now
you never will
i have loved
owned a ridiculously big house
lived in the best school district
driven luxury cars
worn designer clothes
mounted men with huge cocks
and still i was left
i was surviving
not living
because the only pure bliss
is freedom of choice
the ability
to not give
a single fuck

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temporary light

moth to flame

it is too much to ask of existence

for it to have meaning

we greedy humans

perpetually asking why

as if we deserve an explanation

drawn to illuminating answers

like moths to flame

yet the moth knows

antennae to wing tip

there is nothing to know

but the euphoria found within

temporary light

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to spit or to swallow

the patience and wisdom

coming with age

are fast becoming

my favorite shoes to wear


as my own horseshit

and the shenanigans of others

become less excusable

with each passing day

every birthday candle wished upon and blown


there comes a point

when you’ve been told

you know better


repeated behaviors are either psychosis

or selfish forms of masturbation

such as the poets who write

their daily vengeance poem

scribbled in shit and crayon

on unsuspecting

psych ward facebook walls



grant me the serenity

to zip my lips when called for


to know when to spit

and when to swallow


but mostly

when to say

fuck off


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when i turn 70

when i turn 70
i shall have the words “fuck you”
tattooed gargantuan
in a flourishing font
across my back
where angel’s wings would be attached
if where i came from
had anything to do with heaven

it will give me a reason to make it that far
and to take up
irreverent sun bathing

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february 2cd

(cue booming hollow sports announcer voice)


ground hog day
on which
punxsutawney phil saw his fictitious shadow
in the epicenter
of manufactured battles
man vs. weather
man vs. processed cheese polymer
man vs. traumatic brain and spinal cord injury

my war
is that my personal health is at a tipping point
the choices i make now
will determine the length of my life
and my overall wellness

2014 must be the year i stop
abusing myself
with smoke
with drink
with bad jobs
with bad men

my sons are 18 now
i choose to see them live as flourishing men

i want to put my best face forward
for the coming apocalypse

this leaves me with only one drug


my sword dipped in ink

in the contest between good and evil
good wins

know why?
kisses from children
and puppies

but even they won’t stop the earth
from feeling the need to
cure itself of us

we are coming to our unpollinated end

so all you lesser demons can fuck off

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watch it blow

if you abuse anything
it will not last as long

a car
a friendship
a dog
a marriage
a bottle of bourbon
your audience

all gone
into your bottomless trash can

i treat my life like a fetish item

fully aware the value is peaking

and that people assume everything a woman writes is a god damned confession
a dirty secret whispered
over an even dirtier martini

oopsie tastes like pussy

well, sit back and enjoy the pyrotechnics, folks

i’m staring down the barrell
of who gives a fuck now i’m 40

so let’s set fire to this fucking place

stand back laughing and
watch it blow

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phone book thrones

it is an accepted truth of passing science
that shorter people live longer

i always rationalized
that there is more likely to go wrong
amidst miles of spine, veins, and limbs

but that’s not the reason

it’s mind over matter

discovering this because of my own
diminutive stature

it is impossible to feel old

when your swaying feet
don’t find the floor
beneath the bar stool

enduring a lifetime of
phone book thrones

when one is perpetually
reaching for things
with the assistance
of a nearby chair

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used cars

a man married thrice
would have
by the fourth wife
mastered the dance precise

i’m looking for a reliable 70’s model ford

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today is someone’s birthday

the day is may 11th
of a nameless century

there are still no flying cars

a date which sounds important
as it falls on the porch

as if it was once to be remembered
for the sake
of a now forgotten heart

august 3rd
december 12th
october 2cd
january 14th

perhaps we were married that day
or filed papers not to be

a baby was lost

two children born

soft shoulders knocking over
the statues of kings with motives

spitting in the face of blessed concord

my days have been so long
the veil of time has torn

i have fallen in love so many nights
that i am sure

today is someone’s birthday

i don’t remember your name
but i hope you live
in a place where it’s warm

with four shots of bourbon left
and a cigarette
in the pack on the dash
of your earth bound ford