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01/01/11 NYC Holidays with Family

Photo by MPP
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Poof* Take MY water

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this 30th of May

even the fireworks

sound tired

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Le Zaporogue XVI

Le Zaporogue XVI

I am honored to be included in this publication, published by Monsieur Sebastien Doubinsky. It is a stunning collection of poetry, prose, photography, and visual art, featuring artists and writers from several countries. Please enjoy this free download of the ebook on, and thank you for viewing my blog.

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winter was a crime scene


was a crime scene

blood splattered onto frosted windows

red lipstick curse on the vanity mirror

high rise

victim dismembered

meat rotting

in poorly wrapped packages

to be toe tagged

orphans whisked away by the government

appointed neglectful

pearls fallen across the sticky floor

to a police radio symphony

Mahler fatalistic

smug detectives

sipping black coffee

no sugar to be found in the city

a glib act

notebook scratches

with no hope for answers

or finding the perpetrator

who caused

the whole mess


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through the magic door

sitting in a cushioned chair

aptly described

as a post modern

orange violating teal


i become distracted

looking away from

sir arthur conan doyle

by denizens of the library

an old man too cheap

to subscribe to

the new york times

reading cover to cover

perhaps he simply needs a place to be

a salesman hiding from his

pharmaceutical route

blue tooth whispers in his ear

pretending to be

on his way there

a japanese man

studying intensely with his tutor

for a citizenship exam

a mother with wailing

four year old twin girls

in matching coats

looking as if she is one bell jar away

from sticking her head in an oven

the merry widow

with a fake perpetual smile

in peacock glasses

reading ladies home journal

as if any of it matters

and the couple

both wearing wedding bands

all but penetrating orifices

in roman history

who are clearly not married

to each other

stealing a moment together

behind rows of books where

their spouses wouldn’t dare look

irony not to be

lost on me

there on my lap

rests a copy of

through the magic door

sir arthur conan doyle is right

such a divine portal

wonders to be uncovered

searching spines

in a library


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Nietzsche wasn’t so peachy, but this woman…

Janne Teller,

a Danish novelist

of Austrian-German background,

wrote the line,

“From the moment we are born,

we begin to die.”

I, poet,

think to myself,

only a Danish novelist

of Austrian-German background

could possibly conceive of a line

that fucking morbid.

The following line should simply read,

“Why not avoid the protracted suffering

and slit your wrists, the proper way, now?”

Death was my business for many years,

Ms. Janne “I-Need-Zoloft” Teller.

I am pleased to inform you,

there is a prolonged period

between birth and death

which we warm blooded humans

refer to as, “life,”

and it is nothing short

of miraculous.

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Saints Kosmas and Damianos

Saints Cosmas and Damianos


Twin brothers

born of the 3rd century

in Cilcia, Turkey


The patron saints of

physicians and surgeons

and those suffering

with blood disease


kindly hear

my anemic prayer


Saints who gave up their lives

so that others

may have comfort and mercy


Saint Kosmas


Saint Damianos

speak in gently whispered prayer

to God for me


O Gladsome Light of the Heavens

I implore the holy spirit

to take away my ailments

and be of service to others

that they see

of thy






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The Inevitability of Cherry Blossoms

“Every mile is two in winter.” – George Herbert



has a way…

of making atheists

of Englishmen,

country folk,

and poets.


It’s as though

they have forgotten

their prayers

and the inevitability

of cherry blossoms.