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Poof* Take MY water

art confections history sociology

all told in an Altoid tin



altoid diorama


it is in my heart to begin

to make miniature dioramas

a history of man

all told in an Altoid tin


the discovery of fire

Eve tempted by the serpent

with a pomegranate

the day religion was invented

by deluded men

the battle of Agincourt

the day we discovered the new world

already had a civilization

occupying it

the coronation of Henry VIII

the beheading of Anne Boleyn

the day Powhatan gave Pocahontas

to white European men

Beethoven’s first note pressed into a piano

Shakespeare’s first play performed in The Globe Theatre

Custer’s bad decision

the trail of tears

the blood soaked magenta fields of Gettysburg

the assassination at a bad play

of Abraham Lincoln

i shall remember Wounded Knee

the day suffragettes won their cause

the first words Anne Frank wrote in her secret diary

allied troops arriving

on the five beaches of Normandy

the first time John Fitzgerald Kennedy

laid eyes on Marilyn Monroe

and the day someone blew his brains

all over Jackie

the Washington Mall on the day

the people heard Dr. King say,

“I have a dream…”

the day Maya allowed her caged bird to sing

the moon landing and small steps on the surface

to spite Russia

the moment David Bowie decided

to make Ziggy into Stardust

the day Lou Reed released Wild Side

the moment the last of Andy Warhol died

the day we discovered


is a lie