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we’ll go for a beer after

my friend
allow me to begin
by saying i love you

shut the hell up
don’t interrupt

i said

i love you

and what is a friend
but someone who volunteers
to take up our cause

someone who wants for our success
facilitates happiness
a partner in the pursuit
of wanton fulfillment

so may i suggest
we lace up our boxing gloves
and step in the ring together

yeah, buddy
we box the same weight

no mouth guards
as they are for literary pussies

we won’t block anything
as we unleash our demons

sweat stinging our eyes
bloody spray flying
as we pound truths into swollen lips

i want to punch you in the face
as you describe your mother

your teeth transforming into words as they fly

keep hooking me in the ribs
until i puke out my father

make it hurt

we’ll beat books
with unbroken spines
out of each other