myths & legends

is a concept
invented by
a pharmaceutical

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to be a poet this day

i suppose

i’m too happy

to be a poet this day

happy people tend to write

bloody awful poetry


i’m not drunk

i’m not high

i don’t need a spike

i like working in the city

i’m not heartbroken nor homeless

i’m not lonesome

i’m not horny

i’m not at war with god


my childhood

or a neighboring country

i’m not married or divorcing

i rather love my imperfect children

this is a poem for my fellow writers

heavy bleeders of ink

succumbers to whim

dancers of vehemence and fury

freedom fighters of the fantastic

who dream in crusades

look how beautiful you are when you smile

you smell of lavender

newsprint and vanilla icing

all this

and i get to say

tomorrow is my birthday


the only thing

the only thing

i’m wearing today

is the smile you caused

last night

cemeteries mortuary science poetry

still with eyes

ghosts gathering

above their bones

ghosts gather

for gossip socials

in cemetery starlight

smoking nightshade

playing hearts

having a laugh

at what fools

the living are

still with eyes

yet devoid

of sight

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too much wine and english history

you know a man
loves you madly
from time to time
he is overcome
with the desire
to crawl across the floor
his fears
too much wine
and english history
to lay his head in your lap
press his face into the softness of your belly
content with you as his world
breathing deeply