the devil you know

there you are
right on cue
as if you personally orchestrated
my having been born
in September
the devil you know
swelling and morphing
through my dreams
your face changing
wearing various masks
such grand theatre
i weep
destroy my sheets
crying out in the night
reddest blood flowing
into marzipan rivers
oh my dear
how beautifully we suffer
this tether
my soul was lost
in an apple orchard
faded to ether


connective tissues

the human heart is attached

to 60,000 miles of veins

my fingers have grown accustomed

to tying a tourniquet while in pain

endless units of love i have wasted

on the wrong bodies

so much love squandered

as it was pumped into me

that’s what a poet is good for

bloodletting in ink

connective tissues

splattered lace doilies

misery as currency

sad bastard love songs

& valentines day

killing sprees

literature poetry romance

the light of burning stars

i fell upon the bed


my hair cascading over the edge of time

black tendrils

red and gold reflecting

the light of burning stars

i am dick drunk

bow-legged sore

knees quaking


lips swollen from forceful kisses


at the taste of him

he makes me forget

if i have ever been

in love like this before


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winter was a crime scene


was a crime scene

blood splattered onto frosted windows

red lipstick curse on the vanity mirror

high rise

victim dismembered

meat rotting

in poorly wrapped packages

to be toe tagged

orphans whisked away by the government

appointed neglectful

pearls fallen across the sticky floor

to a police radio symphony

Mahler fatalistic

smug detectives

sipping black coffee

no sugar to be found in the city

a glib act

notebook scratches

with no hope for answers

or finding the perpetrator

who caused

the whole mess


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Saints Kosmas and Damianos

Saints Cosmas and Damianos


Twin brothers

born of the 3rd century

in Cilcia, Turkey


The patron saints of

physicians and surgeons

and those suffering

with blood disease


kindly hear

my anemic prayer


Saints who gave up their lives

so that others

may have comfort and mercy


Saint Kosmas


Saint Damianos

speak in gently whispered prayer

to God for me


O Gladsome Light of the Heavens

I implore the holy spirit

to take away my ailments

and be of service to others

that they see

of thy






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cut away

with the exception of the episiotomy

i was given during the birth of my twins

no one has ever taken a scalpel to me before

not one surgery

or major procedure ever needed to be performed

until today


when a small mass

was removed from the muscular calf

of my left leg

after being administered a local anesthetic


a minor thing

i should feel lucky

it isn’t more



possibly cancer

possibly nothing


my payback

for dumbassed teenage tanning bed gore

the pathologist is soon to issue a report


having been a mortician

i thought i was so fucking hardcore

able to stand the sight of anything

but as i undressed tonight

to find the bandage had come off beneath my pant leg


i was unprepared

for the cauterized sight of the hole

for nausea

the room suddenly spinning

cold sweat

and my body crashing to the floor


when i saw a piece of myself cut away

and death standing patiently in the bedroom door


i don’t fear dying

but i am horrified at the thought

of my leaving my sons alone

in this cruel world


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blood and sense a torrent

it happens somewhere in the moment

when you gently intrude your fingers
upon the back of his head

allowing them to wander his hair
stimulating willing skin

withholding all but your tongue’s tip
teasing him with glancing lips

your womanly softness
defined in that sacred place beneath the breast
pressed into the full length of him

that delicious instant you feel
the dam of his passions give way

all his blood and sense a torrent insisting
your thighs relent
to the poetry

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i hated myself at the time

you must know
i was only capable of loving you
because i hated myself at the time

who in their right would choose a yolk
of unjustified mistrust
and mutilation

i threw everything you ever gave me
off the terwelleger bridge
into the little miami river
drunk and laughing
at 3 o’clock in the morning

a fetid dump wasn’t good enough
that shit needed to see the ocean again

but i kept two things

a photo album you gave me
all pictures of you
kissing pictures of me

to remind myself that i did matter
i did have worth and always will

the face of evil must be remembered
to better warn the other villagers

and a copy of the only honest poem you ever wrote

three days after bloody sheets and hands
as two rivers converged in pittsburgh

“lift your cup to this immortal passing
this child of ours who will not every cry
then no tear is shed without love lasting”

that’s the only thing you ever did
that i don’t hate you for

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while eating a pink fleshed corned beef sandwich

then came that moment
sitting across the diner table
as the butter knife entered
intercostal muscles
anchoring your feminine ribs

when the last thread
holding your white summer dress


gave way

the room and your lungs fell silent
and you

you just fucking knew
to your bloody shoes
that you would be the next woman
whose character would be assassinated

body chewed by snaggled tooth
bones licked clean
gone through
entrails strung across
a pennsylvania turnpike

and he would soon be
full mouthed
reliving the kill
while eating a pink fleshed
corned beef sandwich
talking of you
using words as a means of sacrilege
to the next gullible victim

while explaining he’s never physically
hurt a woman
and you shouldn’t
make him break
his streak
over you

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the remaining pearls

i hold
the black hole history
the wasted gas
air fare
the futility of it all
against her
but i do not
i stand solidly incapable
not one part of me misunderstands
or resents her
we accepted the same candy
handed out of a van
we escaped the same mind maddening cage
grew the same gills
we lost pieces of ourselves fighting
the same bloody war
left with the same bite marks
and rage
so when i hear her heart still beating
i smile and think of us
diving through sargasso
for the remaining pearls