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we’ll go for a beer after

my friend
allow me to begin
by saying i love you

shut the hell up
don’t interrupt

i said

i love you

and what is a friend
but someone who volunteers
to take up our cause

someone who wants for our success
facilitates happiness
a partner in the pursuit
of wanton fulfillment

so may i suggest
we lace up our boxing gloves
and step in the ring together

yeah, buddy
we box the same weight

no mouth guards
as they are for literary pussies

we won’t block anything
as we unleash our demons

sweat stinging our eyes
bloody spray flying
as we pound truths into swollen lips

i want to punch you in the face
as you describe your mother

your teeth transforming into words as they fly

keep hooking me in the ribs
until i puke out my father

make it hurt

we’ll beat books
with unbroken spines
out of each other

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends writing

ms. fucking poet

i’m one of those punk bitches
who only allows her hardass to show
as a defense mechanism
in uneasy or new situations

oh sure i’ll wow you with my cunning
solve the equation
act as your priest
fix your lawn mower
discuss shades of lancome lipstick
and throw in a dorothy parker quote
but i can’t take a compliment

ms. fucking poet

i was jadite cynical
low to the ground from consorting
with predatory beasts

until this miracle of a man came along
and he could have just as easily been a woman
so don’t go assigning sexual motivations to this friendship
this goes beyond physicality
or shitty romance movies

this boxer from old piss covered brooklyn
poet with a missing finger
man whose way of loving me
has made
all of it
stop hurting

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

ali vs. liston

baby i’m so fucking tired
of promoting this fight

but you don’t know how to take the gloves off

so this morning
i’ll be a snarling muhammad ali
arms spread wide hovering over
your supine sonny liston

in my black bra
white tank top and amber necklace

before putting the rest of my day on

i noticed my arms are ripped
from lifting children

yeah, buddy
ready to box

i am the louisville lip

and in my eyes resides
and notions
of kicking you to death