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pissberry bundt cakes

i hope

you’re as tired of my tits and cursing

as i am

of photos of
your cats


homemade pissberry bundt cakes

with organic chunks of apathy

baked right inside


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cleopatra’s apron

he told me
it was that sexy little upturned swish
at the corner of my amber eyes
the curve i sometimes place
at the edge of my eyeliner

which told him
that i had both the flour sifting power
to bake him the perfect cake

or command my egyptian armies
to cut off his empire’s
holy roman grain supply

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victim pool

to consider his victim pool
is quite staggering

all of them spent time
lashed to a provisional chair
a designated corpse
forced to wear a party hat

yet once they hacked their own arms off
to escape his attic constraints
each went on
to wondrous achievements

and it’s not because life with him
is an exclusive prep school for young women
with only one degree field offered
in overcoming sadomasochism

though it may be a touch to spite him

he abhors being less than
because bitch
you’ll never be equal to

no, no

it’s that he has a predilection
for attempting to destroy
the most beautiful things

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à même la peau (next to the skin)

sweet louis

ignorant king

how crooked

is your manhood


to abolish any notion of you

amidst the terror

of your creation

we shall adopt

the republican calendar


within it

our july

becomes thermidor

no longer honoring the memory

of the fallen caesar


it is a time to destroy

superstition and fanaticism

know marie

never uttered a single word

about cake


creating a little napoleon

we eat the fire inside marat’s heart



ten-day weeks

choosing to annihilate

the existence of sunday


soon the people will forget

they ever had a religion to lose

controlling gods create common enemies


robespierre shan’t keep your head

from the national razor


we cannot save ourselves

from the undying urge

to be dying humans