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correct change

to quantify what 189,00 dead Americans

equates to within the psyche of this country

we must apply the correct math

due to lack of competent leadership within the White House

the COVID19 pandemic has been allowed to spread

across schools to cemeteries

into three Vietnams

or sixty-three

September the 11ths

Donald Trump should be made to place coins

from his own pocket

over the eyes of every corpse

he could have prevented &

perhaps the saddest notion is

even if the great king

cared to part with his shekels

our country will still be left

more bankrupt

from his mistakes

than him

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magic kingdom

as snowbirds go south
i chart the weather

there is a flesh eating bacteria
in the overly warm
petrie dish waters
surrounding florida

vibrio vilifinicus

which in latin means
“horse dick with teeth”

the mosquitoes there
are registered sex offenders
with a record in the west nile

because of this
denizens of the sunshine state
must sit in screened cages in the evening
they so delicately refer to as a
the hawaiian word for
“screened in porch on swamp shack”

big sugar and their lobbyists
are balls deep up seminole ass

shoreline decreasing by the year

oranges juice is undergoing genocide

bees are dying
legs blown off
in the rice paddies of hanoi

alligators are more confused than chaz bono

soon all that will be left
of the penis
of these great united states

is disney world island
where everything is perfect
for a price

magic fucking kingdom

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daughters of the american revolution be warned

my sons
are the only true love
i’ve ever felt
in my adult life
i don’t know what men are for
but violence
dying of tobacco field wars
raping the women and land for money
ernest hemingway shooting sharks in the ocean
with a gun
his bloody plume only attracting more
and walking out elaborately carved
revolving doors