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love is an unsupervised child

with bad intentions

and a chemistry set


science fair

we are minerals
and death
sinewy tongued
carbon based
monstrosities of chemistry
capable of love
television and
hubris enough to murder a planet
and want more leg room on airplanes
we would find a way
to kill the stars
if they weren’t dead

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sweet nothings

i don’t want a soft kiss

i want you

to make me

bite my lip

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my desire becomes primitive

when i consider the way

loving him is more than emotion

it is biological


our own space on the periodic table


i want him

with the parts of me that desire

to nurse children

eat meat

wear fur

find warmth in firelight

especially when

i am beneath him

skin wet

my hands in his beard

watching the muscles ripple

from his shoulders

down his arms


i could remain there

until the next ice age

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on the blue line

he had been loudly staring at me
over his new york times
magazine section
for the duration
of the train ride

his trench coat was wet
so was i

that night
i would have remained seated
until the rockaways
to keep looking into his victor mature eyes

overcome with a case of
girl, you damn well know better
i ran through the doors
just before they closed
at the next stop
on the blue line

he stood against the glass
looking beautiful

as i held fast to the thought

i have a friend close by
on utica avenue
who always wants to go for a drink
after a day of war

and she
gets me pregnant

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american man

i need a man
with a james dean lean
jimmy stewart’s laugh
hunter s. thompson’s politics
jack kerouac’s heart
and victor mature’s face

i need a man with
clark gable’s smile
frank sinatra’s voice
al pacino’s temper
jd salinger’s typewriter
and fred astaire’s grace

i need a man who
fights like jersey
works like texas
thinks like california

but his drinking
and fucking
should be pure kentucky

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within the milk of a star lit morning

the first time
i saw his face
a moment suspended
within the milk of a star lit morning

deep beneath
layers of winter
my tightly cut
snow glistening
wool coat and garbo scarf
glided through quarter notes
on the moving street

he turned to face me directly
as i came closer

his eyes forgot everything but mine

one look
and i knew
that i’d been going about it all wrong

i raised my brow
with a sultry smile
and said

good morning

in such a way
that made him want to hear it

just like that
into his ear

as he entered me
for centuries

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love song

ten years from now
when you’re fucking me up against a door
to the beat of a punk band
drumming up through the floor
screaming kisses into
sweet nothings
and biting through fears
i won’t complain
when it’s over
and my stockings are torn
prufrock’s patient
lying etherised upon your table