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garry said…

were you to die

I would do everything I could

to hold onto them

the twins

and I need to believe that

the way I need to believe

in the certainty of Spring

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on wildflowers

his chest swelled american

as he boundfully boasted

that he could take me

for a tour

of miles and miles

of land

as it was 500 years ago


as yet untouched

unburdened by even one

power line


to which i responded

by reminding him

i’m from kentucky


when you come from having nothing

a place with nothing

holds no fascination


you can’t feed your children

on wildflowers

and living in

closer proximity

to the stars

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daughters of the american revolution be warned

my sons
are the only true love
i’ve ever felt
in my adult life
i don’t know what men are for
but violence
dying of tobacco field wars
raping the women and land for money
ernest hemingway shooting sharks in the ocean
with a gun
his bloody plume only attracting more
and walking out elaborately carved
revolving doors


my mind wanders through my family

my mind wanders through my family

circus giants
and banjo pickers
drunken philosophers
piano players
indian chiefs and their princesses
marauding cavalry-men
coal miners
deuling fiddlers
honky tonk singers
and moonshiners
beauty queens
saloon whores
tobacco men
horse tycoons
cowboys and cowgirls
and politicians
morticians and go-go dancers
suitcase of a son lost at sea
full of bonds
that arrived home
decades after the world war died
medicine women
pipe smoking farmers
cedar carpenters
and race car drivers
my mind wanders through my family
over Kentucky red clay
and unspoken magic

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things you cannot write

i don’t regret hurting you

i do regret knowing you

you’re the reason why our kids are ugly

i don’t care for the ginsberg poem

i’m not hung up on living past forty

i enjoy a big piece of meat in all forms

i think all poetry should be free verse

vanilla should be outlawed

marijuana should be legal

rapists and pedophiles and corrupt bankers should be executed

incendiary is good

i don’t give a fuck about my cholesterol

the government should forget everything they’re doing and begin again

people should throw out their child’s video game system while they still have some semblance of a soul

put a book in your child’s hands so they read it and learn empathy

take a walk every day

own a dog

be marvelously kind even when you don’t feel like it

liquor is good

sex is good

shut up and listen regularly



i’m falling in love with you



reality tv should end

abortions should be free and considered an act of mercy

women should be paid equally

water should be cherished

insurance companies should be banished

men should not be bashed for having balls

national healthcare need be implemented

all weapons should be melted into a temple built to honor peace

dance to music daily

religion should be do it yourself