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devil an egg

my stomach growls

for Kentucky cookin’

church pot lucks of the past

made by old pin curled women

in floral dresses

no longer living

laid out

upon Christian hobbled tables

beneath a giant oak tree

no longer standing

baked beans

macaroni salad

fried chicken

pineapple upside down cake

deviled eggs

damned fine eatin’

and believe you me

no one

can devil an egg

like a Baptist

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this beautiful life

the sun rose
out of the orange juice
on the table this morning

bee bop
to the pop of the
coffee pot

kitty pacing figure eights
under the wagglin’ pit bull
wearing a fur coat of the same orange color

mama is fryin’ brown eggs
in the skillet while kitchen dancing

freshly washed cherries float up from the collander to the beat of the roxy music

twin boys smiling constellations
over a plate of steaming scratch biscuits

taking in this sunday morning overture

of the opera that is this beautiful life

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R. rhabarbarum

genus Rheum

species rhabarbarum

more commonly

referred to as rhubarb

a coveted plant

perfect for the filling of hearts and bellies

morning constitutional  midway

standing in the glow of a misty sunrise

amidst the lawn and garden

section of the old country

i press flowers

and things with plans to be fruitful

into my sketchbook of recipes

there is a peach tree where memaw

threw her

peach pits at the corner of the ancient fence line

determined it grew and brings with it

housewarming gifts

a pear tree with a partridge

a strawberry patch with grinning blossoms

and cabbage already reaching for the son in the garden


french hollyhocks

mandevilla climbing the light post




and my grandmother’s

beautiful grapevines

further past the pines

much to my surprise

a patch of

distinguished sturdy rhubarb

when the calendar

is correct

i shall make a pie

baked for sharing

all my love

apron strings full

rolling pin ballet in flour


welcome mats

are for