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just a man

drag off a cigarette smirk

a walking shell game

snake in a can

so backwards in life

one questions

reports of his death


he would crookedly smile

calling it



your mudda

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Does this look infected?

who knew

the 6th mass extinction

on the planet

would be set into motion

not by a furious comet

instead thrown into chaos

by an insidious cloud

of misinformation

(que piano music)

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will sell you

candy cigarettes,


Camel Wides,



nicotine patches,

life insurance,

and a bronze casket


in one lifetime.

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correct change

to quantify what 189,00 dead Americans

equates to within the psyche of this country

we must apply the correct math

due to lack of competent leadership within the White House

the COVID19 pandemic has been allowed to spread

across schools to cemeteries

into three Vietnams

or sixty-three

September the 11ths

Donald Trump should be made to place coins

from his own pocket

over the eyes of every corpse

he could have prevented &

perhaps the saddest notion is

even if the great king

cared to part with his shekels

our country will still be left

more bankrupt

from his mistakes

than him

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absent without leave

who can sleep

through the raging silence

of all our canceled parties

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i’m afraid of americans

to fuck


i fuck

you fuck

he, she, or it fucks

we fuck

they fuck


i am fucked

you are fucked

he, she, or it is fucked

we are fucked

they are fucked


i am fucking

you are fucking

he, she, or it is fucking

we are fucking

they are fucking


class dismissed, apple polishers

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fuck mitch mcconnell

mitch mcconnell
is on his knees
sucking the dick
of corporate america
and any lobby who will lick his ass

while he has his left hand in the offering plate of every small church in kentucky
as his right hand is jacking off john boehner

because he has everyone in my home state convinced
a vote against him
is a vote against god

and his constituents
are too isolated to know any better

he preys on their backwoods fears

which is why
he gets elected
and over
and over
and over
and over
and over again

he has convinced the poorest and most uneducated voters amongst us
being ass raped by life
is the key into heaven

and no real change will happen
until every congressman
over the age of sixty
is dead

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memorial day

so much posturing
over the true meaning of memorial day

i propose it should be a national day of apology

if we love our troops so much
perhaps we should stop shipping them off to die
to further the agendas of oil tycoons
and the dirty politicians
kept faithfully in their pockets

an american soldier hasn’t died fighting for
“our freedom”
since the mad man with the mustache
threatened to conquer all of mankind
during world war II

it’s easy to raise a volunteer army
when uncle sam is the only one hiring

choosing to fight a war over starvation
is an act of bravery long before the first grenade is thrown

and then there are the draftees
the ones who didn’t have a choice
a ticket to canada
or a rich and powerful daddy to pull strings

as i write this

dick cheney is at a $1000-per-plate barbecue

a soldier in afghanistan just had his legs blown off

and george w. bush is going to paint a picture
of himself in front of a mission accomplished banner

right after he finishes working on his suntan

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just say no to nancy reagan

i’m going to take
all the war on drugs propaganda
you shoved down my throat
spit it out
and ram it sideways up your ass
just say no to nancy reagan
you 1984 mindfuckers

this is your brain
on a prison based society

and what the hell do you know anyway

addiction gave birth to art

automatons know nothing of motivation

tax every vice like a civilized society

as turning your head to want
gives way to ignorance

the truth is
writing was my gateway drug

suck on that, johnny