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empathy is the new black

in their golden age
MGM and the other major film studios
would throw grand conventions
gala parties for its male executives
with a standard of decadence and debauchery
as to make caligula envious

a cattle call for female extras
would be sent out
the girls would show directly from costuming
to be herded
by the bus load into the hollywood hills
to what they thought was a set for filming

only to find out
they were expected to play hooker
and cum soaked
by louis b. mayer and his army of greasy trolls

so when i see the entertainment industry
feigning concern
holding #bring back our girls

proclaiming empathy is the new black

i see it as the latest
box office blockbuster hypocrisy

give me a break
who the fuck do you think you’re kidding

you bastards were the boka harem
before a terrorist ever kidnapped
a nigerian woman

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends writing

it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

veiled in toxicity
and the lipstick of a shriveled aging whore
with chanel no.9 blotted behind your ears
cock tucked back
silvery smith & wesson in hand
in all your demented wonder and glory
have once again done me a service

you make me grateful
for white bread
the certainty of his and hers bath towels
G-rated movies
generic colas
the flat ohio cornscape
encased in crooked rivers
crowned by the wreckage
of the edmund fitzgerald
acoustic versions
4/4 timing
and the primary colors learned in preschool

i could have been your most tragic victim

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

the noble lie

you make me consider plato
and his noble lie

“a contrivance for one of those falsehoods that come into being in case of need, of which we were just now talking, some noble one. . . .”

and i once thought
withholding my opinion
my true thoughts about you
an act of merciful omission

because my cause was to protect
the needy case that is you

but let me tell you, jack

you’re as full of shit as they come

that cross you bear
ain’t nothing new under this sun
neither is that organ grinder monkey
resting on your unbroken back

your shuck and jive is tired
taking credit for museum pieces
as you sell them for another day on the corner

you’re a well enabled drunk
an aged man child
a life long con man
a notorious bastard

cookie cutter motherfucker
you’re the reason
charitable people
throw out their couches

and you’re too fucking old
to be excused