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my desire becomes primitive

when i consider the way

loving him is more than emotion

it is biological


our own space on the periodic table


i want him

with the parts of me that desire

to nurse children

eat meat

wear fur

find warmth in firelight

especially when

i am beneath him

skin wet

my hands in his beard

watching the muscles ripple

from his shoulders

down his arms


i could remain there

until the next ice age

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the night before

they crossed his bed
in the devil’s night
fire light
at a wet cincinnati intersection
filled with red flashes
and sirens wailing
through a balmy autumn mist
he ran his hands through her hair
down her back and thighs
upon skin so smooth
he shuddered
as he entered her
pulling bobby pins
from her twist
tossing them onto his floor
proclaiming she planned to leave them there
he vowed to respect their place
for the rest of his life
then laughter came
as they pulsed together
bracing the headboard
into i love yous
notions of china patterns
the calendar correct
for bassinets
and wearing white

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

petting zoo

he fears me
as one should
all things
pacing with teeth

we only made it through p
in the leather bound black book


this is your life encyclopedia

petting zoos, plumbing, poetry, and portuguese

but i don’t give a fuck
about history or histrionics

i know whom i love

i know who has loved me

and i’m ready to be killed

right after
we cover

q through z