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there are some people
you’ll go on losing



the greatest sorrow

of a daughter

is surely

the madness

of her father

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Anne Boleyn

479 years

after her death

women still may learn

from this fallen


that loving

a tyrannical selfish prick


in the loss of your only head

but he will go on living

destroying hearts

ruining the world

believing himself

the rightful king

of other lands

above god


happily wearing bejeweled lies

with his boils

needing lanced

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fossil fuels

if only
the human race
could find a way
to convert an engine
to run on pettiness
and depravity

we could buy enough time
to terra form
and destroy
the planet mars

so that earth
doesn’t have to die alone

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antony bitching at cleopatra as she blows him

he used to tell me as i removed his armor

honey pie, you over pack everything

your suitcase
your bowl
your bed

as i swallowed him knowing

he was a means of suicide

but he was 2/3rds right



you love(d) me well and often

in that sick
bottomless way
you love everything

in order to lose it

you force your horses to run into the round pen
then set it on fire

just so you can write a mournful poem
about the sounds of their wailing agony

i don’t miss you

i miss how i felt when i was with you

but see

i love a good horror story

and you were a real fucking scream

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beating the tom-tom

this poem is not about you

there will never be
another poem
about you

this poem is about alcohol
as you are more scotch than human

i’ve given enough of my life
to drunken men
beginning with my father

so this is your eulogy

in another life i couldn’t part with you

but those lovers are long dead

it does my heart good to know
you’re vomiting in another woman’s vase now
wearing good golf shoes

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the night he died

i can no longer recall
the last words we shared
but it was something screamed in anger
whilst trying to force the earth
to bend to our geography

memories, blood, and paint
all turn to brown
when mixed and left alone to dry

my mind retains only one
fading recording
of his voice
a few words
he would say in the most desperate
hours of the night

“Baby, I’m tired, I need to sleep. This is not the last day that will see me loving you.”

…until it was