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it’s just that demon life has got you in its sway

“Did you ever wake up to find
A day that broke up your mind
Destroyed your notion of circular time”

-M. Jagger, K. Richards

she runs up the stairs
retreating to her office
after dinner
afraid to drink the water
which may or may not
contain a death plume
emanating from a rich man’s pocket
along the elk river

slamming a rolling stones cd in a stereo
to hear sway
then presses her spine against the locked door
so violently the door knob eats her kidney

ice and snow covering all reality
even the inside of the television
weary of real and synthetic
human suffering

celebrities are the rhinestones
who bedazzle a pile of human excrement

a letter on the table says
her rare native american genetic type
is a bone marrow match that could end someone’s suffering
but they don’t know how recently she’s been
to the sickened shores of new jersey

something will soon blow up in russia
she thinks
and her boss will be too far away
to take any of the shrapnel to the face

her poetry is pissing blood

and the suburbs are a carcinogen
killing us all too slowly

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends writing

just say no to nancy reagan

i’m going to take
all the war on drugs propaganda
you shoved down my throat
spit it out
and ram it sideways up your ass
just say no to nancy reagan
you 1984 mindfuckers

this is your brain
on a prison based society

and what the hell do you know anyway

addiction gave birth to art

automatons know nothing of motivation

tax every vice like a civilized society

as turning your head to want
gives way to ignorance

the truth is
writing was my gateway drug

suck on that, johnny

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

this is not my beautiful house

we sew ourselves
to the expectations of others
with our bank accounts
towel racks
and arteries
faces melting
into an unreflecting pool
of lost identity
then spend our lives
doing the math
on the height of bridges
child support
the poundage of a squandered life
and how many refills remain

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

Does this ceramic tile come in drunk tank pink?

i’ve been sleeping face down
to hold my soul inside
in the event
i should die
during the night

i never want to wake
to the eternal responsibility
of having to keep
a bathroom sink clean
in a perfect heaven

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

ask your doctor if this poem is right for you

to hell with sympathy
with a marked lack of empathy
just take on more pill


pre menstrual kill your family disorder

postpartum confessions

i can spell aixelsyd backwards

bi polar polar bears
savants and social outcasts

this episode of your mother
is being brought to you
by acme pharmaceuticals

look to the water source or better still
the drugs we’ve pissed into it

because the whole damned world

has developed a twitch

pretend to be asleep

i hear the nurse coming

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when logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead

i’ve purchased
a one way ticket
out of purgatory

so tired of looking through this glass
and listening to jefferson airplane

one pill makes you larger
the other undermines your soul

the men on the chess board are telling me where to go

i must consider interstellar suitcases
and unified plane traveling clothes

my time here wanes with each spring sunset

the remaining moments
spent snapping photographs
of gods and monsters at play

sitting beside the hookah smoking caterpillar i check my flight time

this rabbit hole has proven itself
a too far away world for me

this curious girl
who only wanted a spot of tea
and a bit of life giving bread
with the crusts sliced cleanly away

to hell with following less than punctual furry white vermin

i have my pocket watch
my pens and notebook
and what’s left of me

go ask this alice
after she’s survived it all