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father death

my father didn’t leave

a suicide note

but his abrupt departure

condemned me

to write thousands of them

in my head

poetry psychology

broom in hand

we southerners

have perfected the art

of filtering grand disappointment

through exquisite love


we all have a special oriental rug

just for sweeping things under

digital photography poetry technology

shelf life

no matter how many

selfies you thrust

into the world

your father


won’t love you



the greatest sorrow

of a daughter

is surely

the madness

of her father

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AA meetings aren’t for people who need them, they’re for people who want them

he showed up drunk

at 59 years old


to pick me up

from the hospital

with another gallon

of wild turkey tossed in the back seat

he had bought

along with

fetid red Marlboros

on the five mile way


at that moment

i was no longer certain

who had run out of excuses


or me



i have much more

to lose

than two units

of blood

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piss shiver

perverse as you are
and full of gastronomic fascination
you could never accept
that i enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning
whilst reading in the bathroom

such bad form
so disgusting you would say

now here i sit smiling ironically
sipping french roast
upon my white throne’s full glory
ignoring victorian pornography

lustfully remembering the day
i stood behind you above the waterfall
in grace lord park
my arms wrapped around your chest
chin resting on your shoulder
leaning into the fence

hind sight mulling
you would have looked so lovely
wearing a chloroform soaked rag

before i saw
the video of you online
a chubby white man awkwardly wearing
gold platform stripper heels
squatting over the biggest suction cup dildo
i’ve ever seen
jauntily fucking yourself in the ass
taking it into your black whole like a champ
and all i could think
is now i know
exactly what i want on my christmas cards

i didn’t know to kill you then
so i must do it with my pen

ah the thought warms me
into a glorious piss shiver

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you can make a daisy

You, insidious creature,
tell me how the fuck is it
you can make a daisy

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given enough bourbon and a decent suit

i could hurt myself with you
given enough bourbon
and a decent suit

city lights
drawing down the moon
on a properly placed back in time
saturday night

if you didn’t remind so damned much
of my first husband

back then i could claim being 16
a ran away to the real world too soon
starry eyed twat
with straight A’s
and no street smarts
unable to discern the difference
between a pedophile and a suitor

i’m a daily communicant with that mistake

no, baby, lesson learned
you’re a used car lot wearing armani shoes
a lizard brain
in a gold chain
forked tongue slipping past
your greasy lips
you smell like turpentine
and unpaid child support

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how to drink Wild Turkey in the morning

he set about to kill me
in my early 30’s
by teaching me
how to drink
Wild Turkey in the morning

while chanting the three rules of writing

write what you know
write like you have no mother
there are no other rules

while i preeshated it at the time

he always wanted me to be less me

how adorable

i’m adding a few rules

write like you have no god

write like you have nothing to lose

write like you have never been to the sea

i smile an older smile and shake my head
warm in the knowledge
most writers behave like shitty teenage girls

and we shouldn’t take ourselves

so fucking seriously

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over the cosmetics counter at macy’s

i remember sitting
in your provisionally furnished
unliving room
piled high with alphabetized stacks
of your personal and professional failures
balanced atop a neurotic collection
of pizza boxes
and coffee cans welded
into homemade torture devices

watching you waller bare assed
on your unfortunate chair
sipping coffee smoking pot
planning on bourbon
complaining no one takes your abuse
in a manner that suits your liking

i found myself wishing to be in a place
with anyone but you
to be anywhere but there
shaking out a rug
airing a mattress
applying pine sol to the length of route 80

to cleanse the earth
of your doomsday pestilence

knowing myself to be a fool
for buying into your bottom shelf poems
and cock strong swagger
my feet swiftly found an escape tunnel

but i kept a picture of you
in your dirtiest jeans
exposing your minimalist views
on having teeth
then drove into the city

had it blown up parade balloon size
and hung it up like scarecrow
a warning to all women
over the cosmetics counter at macy’s