science fair

we are minerals
and death
sinewy tongued
carbon based
monstrosities of chemistry
capable of love
television and
hubris enough to murder a planet
and want more leg room on airplanes
we would find a way
to kill the stars
if they weren’t dead

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we have forgotten to call our mothers

as the ocean reclaims the land

and our comfort level with it

we will realize in a collective gasp

we have squandered

centuries of invention, blood, and privilege

with human conceit


we have wasted every memory

every idea

every love

by failing the planet


we have forgotten to call our mothers

as we were killing each other



and inflexible




don’t go crying to science

science tried to tell us long ago


so eat your nachos

and barbecued chemistry lab meats

cheer on your gladiator teams

as they bash their skulls together in a coliseum

enjoy the halftime performers as they twerk and bleat


live stream a diversion

drink your wine and craft beer from sustainable bottles


insert artisanal tampons made from the wool of

vegetarian  fed sheep


file your taxes


don’t you look pretty

with thicker, fuller lashes

drop your child off anywhere

so long as you don’t hear their screams


pay for neon sex

on the latest smartphone

with that one last good credit card


swipe the strip or insert the chip

but do it hard,

consumer culture,

more, baby, more


a civilization

blindfolded in agreement

and a few syphilitic mosquitoes

is all the next

mass extinction needs






night spreads


ceases to be

as sure as

night spreads

from beneath

old trees

astronomy belief comfort ecology poetry psychology rituals theology

temporary light

moth to flame

it is too much to ask of existence

for it to have meaning

we greedy humans

perpetually asking why

as if we deserve an explanation

drawn to illuminating answers

like moths to flame

yet the moth knows

antennae to wing tip

there is nothing to know

but the euphoria found within

temporary light

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my enduring love for fishnet stockings

Siren Song

the only logical explanation

to my query rests somewhere

within evolution


how to explain the behaviors

of my youth


single celled amoeba


division into

organ systems

due to

lightning striking

mossy rocks

primordial chemistry


pangea with a side of tea


to become an eel


murky creature swimming

with unforgiving teeth


finally to manifest

a mermaid

my beautiful

mother’s daughter


willing pirates lured

by my siren song

plucking their heart strings

until boredom set in

only to drown them

in the sea


it explains

my enduring love

for fishnet stockings

addiction politics religion sociology

we circle the drain gloriously

just before an

old bulb blows out

it glows most brightly


in times of struggle

people turn to what numbs them


vices thrive

drinking, drugs, gambling, prostitution, and religion


as a humanist

who holds sacred


and a fine debauch

what a marvelous time to be alive

and collectively


what the fuck






ecology epidemeology pandemics science

it’s the end of the world as we know it

i’m ready to pop the cork

on that bottle we’ve been saving

and have apocalypse sex

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apocalypse noir

never fall in love
with a frenchman
who looks like
a handsome lumberjack

but always listen
to his opinions
about literature

paris is burning
haiti is dead
new orleans is under water

my marie laveau paper dolls
are casting voo doo spells
upon the living

i have so much to read
before the world ends

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magic kingdom

as snowbirds go south
i chart the weather

there is a flesh eating bacteria
in the overly warm
petrie dish waters
surrounding florida

vibrio vilifinicus

which in latin means
“horse dick with teeth”

the mosquitoes there
are registered sex offenders
with a record in the west nile

because of this
denizens of the sunshine state
must sit in screened cages in the evening
they so delicately refer to as a
the hawaiian word for
“screened in porch on swamp shack”

big sugar and their lobbyists
are balls deep up seminole ass

shoreline decreasing by the year

oranges juice is undergoing genocide

bees are dying
legs blown off
in the rice paddies of hanoi

alligators are more confused than chaz bono

soon all that will be left
of the penis
of these great united states

is disney world island
where everything is perfect
for a price

magic fucking kingdom

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fossil fuels

if only
the human race
could find a way
to convert an engine
to run on pettiness
and depravity

we could buy enough time
to terra form
and destroy
the planet mars

so that earth
doesn’t have to die alone