it could be worse

it could be worse

i could be sitting at avenue B & Tompkins watching the effluvium crawl up the bricks waiting for my next spike

i could be a failed painter

i could be pregnant

i could be married

i could have a cubicle in which to toil

i could be in a bread line

i could have never been published

another unsold Christmas tree poet

i could be in new jersey

pretending to be a different sex

to escape my mistakes

i could be in Florida…

i could have never known love

but i’m not

i’m in Suburbia

waiting for my genes to catch up with me

reading good books

with a dead thyroid gland

until my tits rot off

or the allure of daddy’s suicide

gets me first

poetry sociology

terrorist states

you can’t make a bomb

powerful enough

to frighten me

you can’t make a gun

big enough

to make me shrink away

as there is nothing more terrifying

than living to fight

another day

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temporary light

moth to flame

it is too much to ask of existence

for it to have meaning

we greedy humans

perpetually asking why

as if we deserve an explanation

drawn to illuminating answers

like moths to flame

yet the moth knows

antennae to wing tip

there is nothing to know

but the euphoria found within

temporary light

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please stay

it’s thursday
and on thursdays
you don’t look for answers
you look for friday

the record player stopped spinning
after warren sang please stay

i’m dying of dying
but i’ll hang around
and see what happens today

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made of glass

mornings and death
are the great equalizers

we’re all drawn the same when we’re dead
or first thing in our early morning

my shower stall is
made of glass
it’s where i lift the fog
seeing clearly

hanging within my stainless shower caddy
are shampoos and conditioners
made with the tears of kittens
and local honey

a bottle of wild turkey and/or
a travel mug
of illegally smuggled cuban street coffee
beside rain forest friendly shaving creams
lost love salves and angry razors
knotted hair detangler
french bottled bath balms
and derrida mind deconstructor

hot water
the holy father

they would have you think the virgin mary
merely a sponge

an exfoliating soap bar
made from dead sea mud
which leads me to hope
i’m soaping my bits and pieces
with bits n’ pieces of jesus

i write poems on my skin
and wash them off

into the river seeking drain

knowing all my words
these fleeting thoughts
and this body

are graced with the glorious state
of existing


like seas


just before the edge
of stars

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waits and measures

would have you think
your existence is over
faster than hummingbird porn

i’m here to tell you differently folks
it’s as infinite
as your aunt wilma’s
polyester ass
and just as frightening

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the earth will shrug

no matter this
first steps
first kisses
wedding dresses
last wishes

regardless of
tears shed
smiles beamed
daisies plucked
mouths entwined
prayers sent to heaven

without reverence for
photos taken
muses breathing
words written
love given

in spite of
tongue lashings
burns inflicted
bells tolled
daggers plunged
starving bellies
wars waged

before the world
spins out of orbit
for lack of its mistress moon

we will cease to be


the earth will shrug

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shooting star

the height of being
to burn, white hot
above the world
so intensely beautiful
form is irrelevant