love story

i wrote it all down
in black eyeliner
on my pillow case


by Austria based artist Alice Wellinger



biology poetry

the 100 years war

my left ovary is england

my right ovary is france

upon fields of menopause

the 100 years war

is waged

in my



literature poetry writing

plumes of silk

how i adore rising to wrap

a flowing robe about my

nakedness sunlit

atop a stairwell

plumes of silk following

in descent

at the thought of touching him

once again

there are few things

more divinely



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my thursday morning
slippered feet
made their way
down the driveway
of the doe
eating flower bed blooms
in my neighbor’s front yard

i froze
coffee in hand
stooping for the paper
when my eyes found the majestic deer
so robust and noble

standing slowly
stifling a giggle
as she seemed to know which plants
were the priciest
and had taken the longest to cultivate

her brazen way of saying
your quaint little cul-de-sac
is in my field and stream, fuckers

she allowed me to watch her
because she knew we were both just girls
trying to find our footing on another morning
our babies needed to be fed

there is a light within females of every species
the wonder of creation
giving oceans inside us

it makes me want to tattoo my stretch marks
to my fertility statue frame
to make my warrior scars more visible

after all
i am a red indian

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

while naked in the bathroom

the woman in the mirror
rarely glances at me

she averts her eyes
to avoid
telling me lies

but today
i caught her
staring at me
while naked in the bathroom
all vulnerability and mother scars
above wet thighs
cradling a patch
of a native woman’s dark hair

my god
how she smiled and smiled