For Nairb Eeryt

the moment you turned & walked into the room

my world went Peckinpah

explosions of laughter

and parking garage lore

you are the unlikeliest surprise

a penultimate friendship

my war horse riding brother

charging beside me off

to our generation’s wars

in armor made from James Joyce t-shirts

imagine my uncorked shock

to meet a lion experimental

unmormon poseidon

over-the-rhine renaissance

gypsy king

this day is your birthday

you sit back all Kerouac

this day is for breaking someone else’s heart

so stick around

i’m gonna read this poem out loud to you from a stage

my next gig in town

& there’s a band I wanna go see with you

every tomorrow night



he loved me
the way film
can make death

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like it was


i want everything to be

like it was

when mickey rourke

was pretty

cinema poetry sociology

please enjoy the movie

as involved

as we are

with the narratives

of our lives

in dimmed theaters

when the film is over

house lights shining bright

all of it

will have ceased

to matter

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on the blue line

he had been loudly staring at me
over his new york times
magazine section
for the duration
of the train ride

his trench coat was wet
so was i

that night
i would have remained seated
until the rockaways
to keep looking into his victor mature eyes

overcome with a case of
girl, you damn well know better
i ran through the doors
just before they closed
at the next stop
on the blue line

he stood against the glass
looking beautiful

as i held fast to the thought

i have a friend close by
on utica avenue
who always wants to go for a drink
after a day of war

and she
gets me pregnant

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when night begins to blur

if the silence of your life
gave way to the hotel lobby
of an indie film

this is the raining frame
when night begins to blur into
a paul simon tune

streaks of taxi cab light
clear flashes of his face above yours
dark skin
red shoes running
on a wet platform

barely making a train
back to the real world

suitcase with stories to tell

hair soaking
trench coat concealing
a body sore
still shaking beside his

your hand
a smile

but helpless
to conceal
mascara tears

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ignoring a fellini film

there was no point to the dream
other than you

sitting beside me in a darkened theatre
our arms entwined elbows to fingertips
ignoring a fellini film

caterpillars and stars deciding for us
the setting should be a bedroom

blue velvet seats became
lush green sheets

the rest was all the red of your beard
desperate kisses
and what it would be to fall asleep
after having made love to you