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How Isabella Conquers Her World

you have descended

from indigenous medicine women

and girl scout goddesses

you came into this life

with power that takes growing


head held high

with strong female role models

confidence you will cultivate

by surviving pain

rising to challenges

you’re finding out

you’re stronger than you know


creating your own peace

owning your joy

making happiness your choice

remembering you have endured

their belittling words


they need to feel better than you

because they have nothing to be proud

how sad is that

pity them

waste no time on bitterness

take comfort

people like this are their own reward

you will rise above their words

you will outlive their petty hearts

the world fears all shades of women and girls

who believe in themselves

do not ever give a bad person

the power

to make you feel like

you are less

to make you ashamed of the way you are woven into the fabric of our universe

or that it is anything but

perfectly divine

to be you


Obligatory airport selfie. Beast Crawl!


Beast Crawl trip. Next stop: O’hare, Chicago!



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outlaw poetry

how i long for

a gentler time

when courtesy was still common

people opened doors for one another

and grace was more fashionable

than a no talent reality television hooker

with an oily horse ass


when i could get on a plane

bound for miami

with a dime bag of weed shoved

up my pussy

and a pearl handled .45

in my carry on bag

and no one seemed to mind

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my sleep has remembered

i’ve been drinking less

at 35
i’m running out of reasons to die

my sleep has remembered
to give way to dreams at night

this past week
my nocturnal endeavor
has been
teaching others to fly