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the avocado

so closely resembling the human shape

the aztecs bestowed upon the avocado

their name for the human testicle

also noting the difficulty

of mouthing them

hardened seed inside

two at a time

Jazz Music poetry Short Stories Uncategorized Urban Legends

animal style

all it takes to unravel me
is an in-n-out burger receipt

moreno valley

found in the bottom
of last season’s purse
from the day you revealed to me
the wonders of the secret menu

fuck you for all the good times
i must leave behind me

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the gods of a good friday night

our bellies full

of lemon pepper chicken

mashed potatoes

and string beans

eaten by candle light

gregorian chants

and the laughter of children

we sit back upon a pedestal of pillows

headboard leaning

a silver tray

in the middle of the bed

bearing bourbon

with one glass meant for sharing

we decide on an oliver stone film

smoke filling the room

we sacrifice ourselves to

the gods of a good friday night

his hand wanders to her thigh

she slides herself into the dress shirt

he is still wearing

until her breasts cover his chest


tonight baby

stay inside

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all i ask of this day
is to look at delicious foods
and eat beautiful people

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revolution in mango

i knew full well
the ramifications of the act
such weight carried in the simplest
of market baskets

it was so deliberate
i sought out the intended fruit
long before it was ready to be eaten

my psyche enjoyed knowing it was there
for the perfect moment
to allow the taste to grace our tongues

as the days passed
i sharpened my knife
chose a lovely china pattern
upon which to lay it all open

thursday morning
found the perfect softness
red absolution
fading to a knowing green

sunrise colored flesh

there is no graceful way
to eat a mango
it must be enjoyed sloppily
impossible to not get messy
sticky sweet
leaving mouths and hands
in need of a wash

just like the person you are finally willing to share it with

this day my palate
unable to commit before
ate a mango
with someone i love

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you come to me
at the strangest times
not in my dreams or
listening to the blues on the parkway
but when i’m selecting a mango
i’ll never eat
or filling a sock drawer

there you’ll be
sitting across from me
in the provisional tealight
hair tousled
eating a bowl of homemade chili
grinning like forever
as though the thought of homemade chili
and loving a woman
had never occurred to you before